The 3-way lottery game is currently attracting many people to play. Although not as popular as some other forms of online lottery playing. However, if you win the bet, the amount of money earned in the form of a 3-way cross bet will be very large.

So how much money is the 3-way lottery bet? Is this style of play suitable for beginners? How to calculate 3-way lottery payout? Issues related to 3-way lotto betting will be answered in the following article. Please join us new889blue Find out if you are interested in this topic.

What does 3-way lottery mean?

3-way lottery means talking about a way to play lottery provided by reputable bookmakers. In particular, the player will have to choose 3 sets of random numbers ranging from 00 to 99. After the bet is placed, they must wait for the results to come from the lottery station.

If the number of players betting on the lottery ticket turns 3 and wins from 2 to 3 pairs, it is considered a win. On the contrary, if 2 or 3 numbers do not appear in the prize drawing results, the bet is considered a loss.

It can be seen that playing the 3-way lottery is a form of play similar to the lottery betting style. However, when playing 3-way cross-lottery, the chance of winning will be higher than traditional cross-lottery bets. Because there is no obligation to win all 3 bet numbers.

Suppose, the 3-way lottery ticket you bought has numbers like 35 23 92. If these 3 numbers are in the drawing results, you win. In case you miss 1 number, you will receive a reward according to the 2nd roll bonus. However, if you miss 2 to 3 numbers, the bet will be considered a loss.

How much money is the 3-way lottery bet?

Based on the announcement of online lottery betting halls. Currently, the payout rate of 3-way lotto bets has also had a certain adjustment. Depending on the betting hall and each lottery station when participating. The reward rate for the 3-way lotto bet will have a certain difference.

However, when participating, players only need to understand and master how to bet. At the same time, you need to know how to choose reputable online lottery halls to participate.

So if you bet, how much money will the 3-way lottery win? Details about the payout rate of this form of bet will be summarized as follows:

How to calculate lottery numbers for 3 XSMB

If you bet in the traditional way of playing. The payout for winning lotto number 3 will be 1:45. For example, you win 100k and win a prize. At this time the bonus will be 4 million 500k. If you win 2 numbers, you will receive 1 million. If you miss 2 numbers or more, your bet will be considered a loss.

When participating in 3-way cross-lottery bets at reputable online lottery bookmakers. The reward rate when winning a 3-way lottery bet can range from 1:65 or more. Depending on each participating online lottery hall, the reward level will fluctuate.

How to calculate lottery numbers for 3 XSMN and XSMNT

When choosing to bet on 3-way lottery for stations from the South and Central regions. The bonus level seems to be roughly the same. Although the chance of winning is lower than with Northern lottery stations. However, the payout when winning lottery bets in the South and Central regions will be higher.

The way to calculate the 3-way lottery will be based on the point level that the player buys. On average, 1 point will be converted into 43k. If you win enough 3-way lottery tickets, the bonus will be calculated based on the winning ratio of 1:81.

For those who play 3-way lottery through reputable online lottery halls. The reward rate of this form of bet will be quite high. If you hit the 3-way skewer, you get a ratio of 1:188; If you hit the 2nd skewer, you will receive a ratio of 1:32.

It can be seen that the form of playing 3-way lottery through reputable online bookmakers is often very attractive. Therefore, if you want to participate, you should prioritize choosing big lottery halls to play.

Tips to know when betting on 3-way lottery

According to the announcement, the 3-way lottery bet will have a total of 4 sets of 2-digit numbers. When placing a bet, players will have to choose random numbers from the specified set of numbers. In there:

  • 3 pairs of skewed lots consisting of 2 numbers
  • 1 pair of cross lotteries includes 3 numbers

For example: The 3 pairs of numbers you bought in the bet ticket are 38 26 72. At this time, your chances of winning will be respectively

Rotating skewer 3 => 38 26 72

Rotating skewer 2 => 38 26 ; 26 72 ; 38 72

Although we know that lottery games are inherently a form of betting on luck. But to ensure a high chance of winning and optimize the winning amount. Please pay attention:

  • You should make statistics of pairs of numbers that often appear together in a prize draw. Try to summarize many recent prize draws.
  • You must know how to combine farming frames properly to optimize the rewards earned. Apply some betting and capital distribution methods.

Above is all the content shared around the topic of 3-way lottery. Hopefully with what we have just presented. It will help you better understand how to calculate 3-way lottery payouts. If you don’t know how much a 3-way lottery bet is, please refer to it carefully before placing your bet.

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