Play Cockfighting AtNew88 – Share the most effective tips for playing cockfighting

Cockfighting is one of the online betting games that is extremely familiar to betting enthusiasts around the world. However, not all players understand the tips for playing cockfighting to win 100% victory. The article below, Nhà cái New88 will share experiences in playing cockfighting atNew88 the most effective.

An overview of the cockfighting game

Like many other online bookies, play game chicken at the gateNew88 It is also divided into specific popular forms as follows:

  • American cockfighting: The fighting cocks in this game format are American bantams and the cockfighting matches in the game are extremely attractive and exciting.
  • High-spur cockfighting: Fighting cocks in this form are all chickens with poles attached by extremely sharp knives. That is one of the reasons why this cockfighting game often ends extremely quickly with fatal kicks from the chickens.
  • Cambodian cockfighting: The cocks participating in this game are usually cockfighting chickens from Cambodia, so they fight each other extremely enthusiastically.
  • Thomo cockfighting: A special feature of this form of cockfighting is that the cocks always compete, making the fight extremely good and with a high reward rate compared to the average.

The most popular types of bets that bookmakers have in online cockfighting games atNew88 include:

  • Meron: The bet that the dealer wins will win.
  • Wala: Chicken bet where the player can win.
  • BD: A draw is when both cocks fall at the same time.

Refer to some tips for playing cockfighting hereNew88 hundred battles, hundred victories

To choose a reputable game portal to play cockfighting, you must know how to choose a standard cockfighting cock and this is also a tip for playing cockfighting that players need to refer to to always win when participating in cockfighting here.New88.

Choose a reputable and professional cockfighting game portal

Currently, there are countless online bookmakers in the online betting market. Therefore, to ensure that players can play cockfighting games safely, without worrying about losing money unfairly and receiving huge promotional policies, players must also choose the right reputable and professional bookmaker.

Some basic criteria for players to choose a reliable cockfighting bookmaker are:

  • The bookmaker must have a long-standing brand, have a clear headquarters address as well as a website.
  • Enthusiastic player support system continuously 24/7.
  • Deposit and withdrawal transactions take place simply and quickly.
  • Cockfighting arenas linked to the game portal must be legal addresses.
  • Matches broadcast in full HD resolution are clear and intelligent.
  • Pay rewards immediately and quickly to players when they win.

You must know how to choose the correct fighting cock

To be able to choose the correct odds to play cockfighting, everyone must evaluate the strength of the cocks participating in the match. When choosing a fighting cock, gamers must pay attention to the following special points:

  • Players should not choose roosters that are pale red in color because this proves that they are not in good health, making it difficult for them to maintain their strength until the match ends.
  • You should choose a cock with a crimson neck and head.
  • Players should not choose roosters that are forced to lose weight because they only have a strong appearance, but when the match starts, they are very sluggish and cannot fight their opponents.

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Play cockfighting at New88 What should be noted?

  • Don’t be hasty when playing cockfighting as this will cause players to have an unstable mentality and deviate from their tactics, leading to wrong fighting moves. Therefore, players need to always maintain the necessary calmness, adjust their mood to be mentally comfortable and should not put too much emphasis on winning or losing as it will affect the game.
  • Not just bookmakersNew88, any bookmaker that organizes cockfighting games will provide many types of cockfighting methods like the system. Therefore, players must clearly understand the fighting cocks as well as the gameplay of each form of cockfighting.
  • Players should not risk participating in chicken fish when they are still vague and do not fully understand this game.
  • When you encounter difficulties or problems, do not hesitate to ask for support from our team of consultantsNew88 to be answered.
  • When the cocks are freed, if they turn around to look for food or hesitate to move away from the opponent, it shows that they are not ready to participate in the fight. In the case where the cocks are aggressive and want to jump at the opponent, it proves that those cocks are very brave.


With the information we have shared above, surely players also understand somewhat about playing cockfighting atNew88. Hopefully through the above article, players will be confused and can participate in cockfighting with the most comfortable spirit.

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