Top 5 Reputable Bookmakers 2022 – Play Lottery Online at New88

Bookmaker choices can affect your betting experience. In this article,New88 will introduce the list of “Top 5 Reputable Bookmakers 2022” at New88011, where you can find guarantees and diversity to play online in a safe and enjoyable way.

Bookmaker SODO66 – Reputable online lottery bookmaker

SODO66 is an online gambling house originating from the Philippines and operating legally in the field of online betting under the supervision of PAGCO – Philippine Entertainment and Gaming Administration.


  • Competitive and attractive odds and bonuses.
  • Pay quickly and automatically.
  • High level of security.

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage of the house is that the process of expansion is too large, causing some brands to use their reputation for personal purposes, reducing reliability. Promotions atSODO66 also makes players worried, because the value of each promotion is often too high, possibly up to several billion dong.

Sodo Casino New88, one of the leading lottery betting floors in Vietnam, offers many attractive betting options:

  • Tail Bet: You choose two numbers that match the last two numbers in the Northern lottery special prize, with a payout ratio of 1:75.
  • First Bet: Results are based on the 7th prize of the Northern Lottery, and the payout ratio is up to 1:80.
  • Lotto Betting: Sodo Casino is based on the results of 27 Northern lotteries with head-to-tail odds of 1:75 winning rate.

SKY88 – Leading online lottery bookmaker

Sky88 is known as the leading online gambling house in the market, owned by the same company and headquartered in the Philippines. This house is famous for its expertise in the field of lottery and online lottery, online lottery in the entertainment market.

Advantages of Sky88:

  • Providing many unique promotions, worth tens of millions.
  • Simple instructions and chances to win attractive prizes.
  • Odds 1:99, helping to optimize the chance of winning and reduce risk.
  • Reasonable transaction times and attractive interface.
  • Diverse online entertainment halls and folk games.

Disadvantages of Sky88:

  • Fees for some types of deposits can be as high as 35%.
  • The first withdrawal can take up to 6 hours to complete.
  • Limit communication channels with customers.

Heart 188

Loto188, a new name in the betting world, boasts the following strengths and weaknesses:


  • Attractive betting odds, promising big winning opportunities.
  • Default agent, making betting experience smooth.


  • Deposit and withdrawal times are sometimes long or orders are canceled.
  • The Lotto 188 speed lottery product does not achieve high performance.
  • Limit withdrawal to a maximum of 100 million at a time.

Super attractive promotions:

  • Promotion of 88K free bets for new customers.
  • 0.5% deposit bonus during happy hours.

Loto188 offers many types of online lottery bets and online lottery bets including:
See : Keo nha cai 5

  • Lotto Betting (lot 2 numbers, lot 3 numbers, lot 4 numbers).
  • Cross Lottery bets (cross 2, cross 3, cross 4) with many flexible forms of number betting.
  • Head and Tail Bet (predict the head or tail of the topic).
  • Missing Lottery Bet.


VN88, a reputable betting playground in Vietnam, appeared in 2017, originating from the Philippines. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of this bookmaker:


  • A young, large-scale bookmaker recognized in the Vietnamese market.
  • Licensed by PAGCOR and the Philippine government, ensuring legality.
  • Genuine and unbanned domain name.
  • Daily deposit bonus up to 10%.
  • The hall is diverse in both quantity and quality of games.


  • Bonus promotions are not attractive and not diverse.
  • Support is only via scratch cards and bank withdrawals.
  • Lack of attention in the casino lobby.

Promotions at VN88:

  • New members receive slot bonuses up to 4 million VND.
  • Welcome offer with 100% low betting round.

Online lottery betting at VN88:

  • Bet types: Single, series of numbers, basic.
  • VN88 offers exceptionally high odds, 1 to 95.


Fun88, one of the famous brands in Asia and Europe, has made a strong impression in the betting community in Vietnam. This is one of the top 5 most prestigious lottery bookmakers on the market.


  • Leading partners with famous football clubs such as Newcastle United, Burnley, and Tottenham Hotspur.
  • Significant financial capacity.


  • Withdrawal times can be long (up to 24 hours).
  • Sometimes there may be delays when there are many people accessing at the same time.
  • Requires a fairly large number of prize draws.
  • Missing some folk betting products.

Exciting promotions with Fun88:

  • Bonus up to 2 million VND for initial deposit/transfer.
  • 100% bonus up to 888 thousand VND when participating in SLC Lottery.
  • 150% discount worth up to 6 million VND when participating with SABA Sports.

Types of online lottery bets at Fun88 with attractive rates:

  • 2 numbers (first, last, lot): 1 to 85.
  • Cross bet on 2 numbers: 1 win 750.
  • 3 numbers: 1 to 750.

The choice of online bookmaker is important not only for the bonuses but also for the overall betting experience. Let’s explore togetherNew88 and choose the right house for you and start your promising online lottery journey at New88.

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