The Secret to Playing Odds and Always Winning at Bookmaker Nhacaiuytin

Handicap is a concept that is not too strange in the world soccer betting. This is one of the popular types of bets used by many veteran players to increase their chances of winning. Join Nhacaiuytin to learn more details about this type of bet through the article below.

Introduction to betting

Pick and choose In  soccer betting, it is known that players identify one or more types of bets that are suitable for themselves to bring the highest reward. This type of bet has a high winning rate so it attracts a large number of bettors to participate.

Although bettors are free to choose this type of bet when participating in  soccer betting. However, choosing a good bet is not something everyone can do. Because you need to know how to analyze, evaluate and choose the correct bet with a high winning rate.

In addition, bettors must know which bet to play among the dozens of bet types that  soccer betting houses offer. To do this, you need to have basic knowledge of the rules of online  soccer betting. In particular, players need to be alert to the tempting bets offered by the house to avoid losing money unfortunately.

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How much does it cost to win at a  soccer betting house?

Depending on each different type of bet, the selected bet will also have different payout levels. With this type of bet, players can choose one of the following two forms of betting:

Asian handicap

Bettors are allowed to choose a handicap to place this type of bet at online  soccer betting houses. The odds table provided by the house will have corresponding odds for each bet for players to choose from. When playing Handicap bets, the player has the right to choose 1 ball, 3/4 or 1/2 ball,…

The amount of bonus players receive will depend on the capital you spend. For example, the player chooses a handicap of 1 ¼ in the match between Real Madrid vs Chelsea in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. In this match, Real Madrid has home field advantage so will be on top, while Chelsea team will be on the bottom.

The bookmaker’s betting odds for Real Madrid are 0.98 and Chelsea are 1.03. Suppose you bet 100,000 VND on Real Madrid to win, the following situations will happen:

  • If the home team Real Madrid wins against Chelsea with a difference of 2 goals or more, you will win the bet. The bonus amount received when participating in this bet is 100,000 * 0.98 = 98,000 VND.
  • Real Madrid team defeated Chelsea with only 1 goal. The bettor will lose half of the bet amount to the house, which is 50,000 VND.
  • When the match ends, Real Madrid draws or loses to Chelsea by any score. Players who bet on Real will lose all 100,000 VND to the house.

European odds

In addition to Handicap bets, players can also play this type of bet in the form of 1X2 bets. With this bet, the rules of the game are quite simple as the bettor only needs to choose 1 of 3 options: win, draw or lose. For example, the match between Real Madrid vs Barcelona will have bonus rates when participating in selected bets:

  • Home team Real Madrid is given a rate of 1.05 by the bookmaker
  • The away team Barcelona is set at 1.28 by the football betting house
  • The draw result in this match is provided by the bookmaker at a rate of 2.03

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If a player bets 100,000 VND on home team Real Madrid and the home team wins, you will receive 105,000 VND. If the bettor chooses Barcelona to win and the result is correct, he will receive 128,000 VND. In case the two teams tie, the player will receive 203,000 VND.

Remember that when participating in European betting, the result of the match must match what the player bets. Players will lose their entire bet if the match ends with a result different from their bet.

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The secret to playing bets and always winning

So that players can easily win with this type of bet, Nhacaiuytin would like to share a few tips below:

Choose a reputable bookmaker

The first thing when players start participating in  soccer betting is to choose a reputable betting unit in the market. This helps you place your trust in betting with peace of mind without having to worry about being scammed. In addition, the types of bets that the bookmaker offers must have many choices for playing bets to be effective.

At football betting forums, quite a few experienced players have nominated Bookmaker Nhacaiuytin is the most reliable betting address on the market at the present time.

Match selection

Like all other types of soccer bets, bettors participating in this type of bet should choose soccer tournaments that they understand. Performance, confrontation history, position on the rankings, … are things that require bettors to learn carefully before placing bets.

Reasonable time to bet

About 5-7 hours before the match starts, it will be the time when the bookmaker releases the bets. Bettors need to grasp and observe the odds index displayed on the odds table to see which bet is chosen the most. However, you should not believe 100% in this index but use it to refer to the comments you made earlier to place bets.

Note: players should not place bets at the last minute to avoid tricks the house uses to weigh the bet.

Based on fluctuations to choose bets

Normally, the house will continuously make small adjustments throughout the match. For example, if a player sees a change in the odds from ¾ to 0, they should quickly bet on the lower odds to bring a higher chance of winning.

Hopefully the information that Nhacaiuytin shared above will help players better understand the odds in  soccer betting. Wishing bettors good luck and alertness in their own choices.

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