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Give Them Unique and Valuable Content

This might seem a little obvious, but the number of companies and brands who are relying on information that is obviously recycled or stale shows the degree of missed opportunities there is on Facebook. Hopefully, you’ve recognized who your target customer and audience is, so you need to carefully consider the content they’re going to find most valuable.

A teenage, suburban girl is most likely not going to care about the Four Ways to Store Tomatoes. Your common sense is going to help you with questions like this, so taking that extra second to stop and think about your audience is going to help you out a lot, and it will put you above your competition.

Building Your Audience

While the previous section was about engaging with your current audience and perhaps a few new audience members, what about seriously building your audience in the beginning? Let’s look at a few tips on how to accomplish this.

Email Acquisition with ActionSprout

Most people understand that the real battleground on Facebook is not the Facebook page, but the news feeds. In fact, very few users will actually visit the page; rather, they interact with the page updates that are in their news feeds. The problem with most page apps for Facebook is that they require a user to visit the page. For example, a photo contest will require that the user visits a custom tab on the Facebook page of the company to upload their photo and submit their contest entry. Therefore, they have to leave their news feed, which is their home away from home, in order to participate in the contest.

Boost New Product Announcements

Boost posts on Facebook are still very effective, especially for smaller businesses. Even though most experts will advise not to use the feature, small businesses can greatly benefit from boost posts announcing new products. Just because many who are teaching social media tell you not to boost posts, that doesn’t mean they don’t work or are not effective. Question everything, and test the tactics and techniques for yourself.

Website Custom Audiences

Facebook is moving into what’s known as a pay-to-play model, so marketers are going to need to find better ways they can reach their fans. While you can ads targeting specific fans, one of the best tips for marketing on Facebook is to use Website Custom Audiences instead. When you use Website Custom Audiences, you can run Facebook ads through the Power Editor. This allows you to target those who have visited your website or a certain page on your website when they are back on Facebook.

Increase PR Efforts

With everything that Facebook offers for their marketers, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that it is a tool that supports your brand’s PR efforts. The truth is that reporters rely on Facebook so as to source stories and Facebook endorses the platform as a Rolodex with a billion contacts for the reporters.

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