You Need to Eat Some Foods That Don’t Suit Your Metabolic Type

Having either a meat-eater or grain-eater metabolism does not mean that you are locked into eating only those foods in your category. Some people don’t fit entirely into one category or the other. It’s just that individuals with unbalanced metabolisms, whether meat eaters or grain-eaters need more of the kinds of foods that fall into their metabolic category and less of the foods in the other metabolic category. Grain eaters do well on generous amounts of grains, fish, and poultry. But they should eat some butter to break up the long-chain molecules in vegetable and fish oils.

They also need to eat meat once a week because muscle meat is the only food that contains liberal amounts of carnitine, an amino acid that is involved in the use of fat in the production of energy in the heart. Some grain eaters, however, have enough meat-digesting enzymes for two helpings of meat a week. By the same token, while most meat-eaters can digest only one serving of fish each week, there are a few meat-eaters who have more of the enzymes needed to break down seafood than is ordinarily the case among individuals with a meat-eater metabolism. Those meat-eater types can eat fish more than once a week.

You Can Eat Protein Foods Not Prescribed in Your Category

The fact that grain-eaters can eat chicken and fish, as well as grains, indicates that their grain-eating antecedents also ate large amounts of fish and poultry. It seems likely that the habit of eating fish developed because large-scale cultivation of grains requires extensive irrigation systems, so farms were located near rivers.

This not only ensured the farmer of enough water to irrigate crops but also supplied fish as a supplementary source of protein. It’s difficult to speculate why the grain eater digests poultry so well, except that farmers generally raise chickens for eggs, and once the chickens’ egg-laying capabilities come to an end, eat the chickens.

Meat eaters, while favoring beef, lamb, and pork, have always included other kinds of protein in their diet. The Germans are meat-eaters, but they also eat rye bread, and although couscous and wheat breads are the principal food staples of the Arabs who live in the Middle East, they eat lamb two or three times a week. While people living in cold climates are primarily meat-eaters, there are exceptions to this rule

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The Risks of Caffeine to Your Health

It’s been happening more often that medical researchers are discovering health advantages in foods that had previously been considered bad for the health. Take coffee. Its so-called health benefits are now being touted despite the legions of studies that show that drinking more than two cups of coffee a day is harmful to health

For instance, a research study conducted in 2004 at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute concluded that individuals who drink five or more cups of coffee a day are two to three times more likely to have coronary heart disease than nondrinkers. This study also found that caffeine raises blood pressure, irritates stomach ulcers, worsens urinary tract infections, and makes insulin less responsive to elevated blood sugar

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