Details about the Southern Knife Cockfighting Rules and things to remember

Southern knife cockfighting has become a popular form of entertainment that many people love and participate in, because it brings fierce, fierce and dramatic matches between skilled fighters. To better understand cockfighting and why you should participate in this activity, join New 88. Follow the article below!

What is Southern Knife Cockfighting?

Knife cockfighting is one of the popular forms of cockfighting at cockfighting arenas, where an iron knife is added to the cock to create more attraction and thrill for each match. This requires the cocks participating in this type to be truly brave and have high fighting skills. Because otherwise, they can be life-threatening from the start of the match.

Cockfighting rules of the South

“Southern Cockfighting Rules from A to Z” is a narrative picture of the secrets, rules and things you need to know about the Southern cockfighting game. This not only helps players recognize the difference from other forms of cockfighting such as foreign cockfighting, but also opens a colorful window of contemplation on how a match plays out.

Through analyzing each small part of the match, this article will present the factors involved in the cockfighting game, from the parts of the cock, the tools used, to the support people and the people involved. the player’s victory or defeat. This is considered a valuable source of information about the rules and details of the Southern cockfighting game, not only for newcomers but also for those who are familiar with this game.

The deeper the content, the more interesting and important it contains, which is an indispensable premise for entering the game. Certainly, everyone wants to avoid unnecessary mistakes and not waste money when participating in this game.

Southern knife fighting cockfighting rules

The rules in southern cockfighting are really very attractive to those who love this game. This is a special form in which the cocks are equipped with a sharp spur attached to the leg. When entering the match, they will use knife spurs to attack their opponents.

The spur cockfighting match ends when one of the following situations occurs: One of the two chickens is knocked down and cannot continue to fight, or both cocks are seriously injured and cannot stand up. When this happens, the match is temporarily postponed to take care of the cocks. The referee will check the fighting ability of the chickens. If they continue to fight, they will be allowed to rest before the fight continues. If they run out of energy, the match will stop.

In case both cocks are no longer able to fight, the judge will test their ability to stand up by lifting and lowering them to the ground 3 times in a row. The chicken that can stand after this challenge will win.

A southern cockfighting match usually lasts from 10 to 15 minutes, however there are also short matches of only about 2 minutes. The unpredictability in the matches has created excitement and surprise for viewers. Most importantly, the player cannot know when his cock will make a decisive attack to end the match.

How to calculate bets

The way to determine winning and losing as well as the distribution of prize money in cockfighting is regulated as follows:

The match will end when one of the following two cases occurs: A rooster is knocked down or dies from severe injuries or a rooster gives up or does not continue to fight. In case both cocks are defeated or give up, the fight will be considered a draw. Players will get their bets refunded if they bet on a winning or losing bet, and if they bet on other bets, they will be paid out at the previously determined odds.
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Players will receive bonuses if they predict the correct outcome of the match. The bonus will be calculated according to the following formula: Bonus = Bet x Odds. For example: If you bet 100,000 VND on cock A with odds of 1.8 and cock A wins, you will receive: Bonus = 100,000 x 1.8 = 180,000 VND.


Below is an article summarizing information about southern cockfighting, explaining its nature and why it attracts such attention. These shares and experiences are from New88 can be applied in practice. Quickly register an account to experience this unique cockfighting game!

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