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Nowadays, as society develops, entertaining and entertaining card games have become more popular than ever. However, from 52 cards, there are many ways to play, and there are also many mysteries behind each card. So let’s go Link 789BET Looking for Meaning of 52 cards and decode the mysteries you should know about each card!

Learn the meanings of playing cards

Western playing cards originated from the West and were introduced to Vietnam a long time ago to distinguish them from Chinese cards such as three chrysanthemums, four colors or shrimp nests…

A deck of cards will include 52 cards along with two red and white cards. With 52 cards, they will be divided into 4 different suits including hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades.

In each suit there will be 13 corresponding cards in order including ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10, J(11), Q(12), K(13).

With this 52-card deck, there will be many different ways to play, depending on the region, there will be different rules. Phom game, play, move on, play Lieng, three cards, blackjack, Mau Binh, poker…

Not only that, Vietnamese people often believe in the spiritual world, so the 52 cards also have mysteries that stimulate curiosity. Often used for divination to see love, family, marriage, career, successful roads… there are many unknowns behind these meaningful cards.

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Meaning of deck of cards according to suits

In a deck of cards, each card has a different meaning and the suit shown on the top and bottom is not the same. So let’s find out what the suits in the cards mean below!

The meaning of the deck of cards according to the suit of spades

In cards, spades often bring bad luck, unfavorable things, bad luck or disasters that always surround people’s destiny.

If you encounter spades, your relationship will have many rifts. Couples have to face hidden waves, quarrels, and conflicts that are difficult to resolve.

For those who are lonely and do not have a lover, love often encounters uncertainties, uncertainty, difficulties, or unfinished relationships.

Your career is not favorable or successful, it is difficult to get promoted, you encounter many problems and obstacles, and you are under a lot of pressure that is difficult to relieve.

In terms of health, people are constantly sick, easily go downhill, and their condition is difficult to improve. According to divination with cards, spades often bring sadness and mourning, making people sad and sad.

Meaning of clove cards (cards)

Unlike spades, dragons seem brighter and luckier. But in reality, you have not really escaped economic difficulties, money is always a problem that causes you a lot of suffering. However, the emotional aspect is better, you will find your other half if you pick the escape card.

However, this destiny of yours will have to go through many storms and difficulties, requiring you to be brave enough to overcome it for a long time. You should not be discouraged but must be determined and try to do what you have set out to do to achieve complete success.

At this time, the flying card also brings you more luck and advantages on your career path. You may get new contracts, promotions or raises because your boss sees your talent.

The health of the flying card is also more stable, there are fewer illnesses and diseases, everything is easier and more favorable.

Meaning of the Diamonds card

With the checkered card, everything becomes better, especially the career path is much better. Checkers symbolize luck with their bright red color, so those who pick the diamond card will have a prosperous and full life.

The official road is like being paved with a carpet, encountering a lot of luck and advantages, every opportunity comes very unexpectedly, and there are noble people supporting you. Wealth flourished and many people respected it.

The meaning of the heart card

In the 52-card deck of cards, the suit is the suit that is always loved by everyone, both in terms of divination or entertainment. The substance symbolizes love, marriage and family. When you pick up the heart card, you feel like you can get rid of all the worries that are clinging to you, your emotions are resolved, your spirit is uplifted, all difficulties and challenges will have a positive source of energy to resolve. All evil spirits are dispelled in an instant.

The meaning of each card in detail

As stated above, the meaning of each card suit is different. But another important thing is how you will pick the corresponding card so that decoding the mysteries will be truly accurate. So let’s follow the detailed meaning of the 52 cards!

Meanings of cards according to the suit of spades

Sapphire symbolizes bad luck and lack of luck in all aspects of human life.

  • The Ace of Spades is the worst card in the entire deck. When drawing the ace of spades in the new year, bad luck is unavoidable, and the family is even prone to mourning, extremely unlucky.
  • 2 spades means you can easily hurt others, especially in love
  • 3 spades means you are facing many difficulties, everything is surrounding you and you have not found a solution, blocking the way out.
  • The 4 of spades means that you must always be steadfast in your mind, steadfast in your ideological stance, to avoid being touched by outsiders’ words and causing trouble to yourself.
  • The 5 of spades means to be careful when being kind to help others, avoid bringing disaster upon yourself, and repay the kindness you have for others with resentment.
  • 6 spades means that in your career path, you must move on your own, walk on your own feet without help.
  • 7 of spades is a card without any luck. When you pick the 7 of spades, everything from love, marriage, family, and career will not go smoothly.
  • 8 spades means that you are a person with courage and vision. If you know how to promote your strengths, you will succeed more easily.
  • 9 spades means you are a person with courage and your own opinions that are not easily subdued. If you know how to take advantage of this strength, everything will be successful.
  • 10 of spades proves that you are an intelligent person but have many dark spots regarding a clingy mentality. It takes courage to overcome difficulties to hope for success.
  • J Bich means you are a righteous person, willing to help others. Because of your liberal soul, you don’t have too many worries in life.
  • Q spade (dam) please think of others a little, don’t cause trouble because of your own selfishness, making things worse.
  • K of spades (old) means you are a powerful person, always in control of your life in the best way possible.

Meaning of clove cards

  • Ace means you should persevere and try to pursue your passions, and realize your dreams, one day you will surely succeed.
  • 2 steps means you should focus on one task at hand to be successful, don’t take on too many tasks at the same time, it’s easy to ruin things and not get anything done.
  • 3 dragons means that you should calmly solve everything as best as possible, then all the troubles will pass quickly.
  • The 4 tips are to concentrate on your work and you will quickly succeed
  • The 5 dragons mean that even though your life has many difficulties, turbulence and challenges, you should not be too subjective, the turbulence will pass.
  • 6 dragons mean you are a responsible person, extremely serious in your work, so you can easily succeed in life.
  • 7 dragons mean that you are shy, so it’s a pity to let the opportunity pass by
  • 8 dragons mean you need to try and save to make your life more complete.
  • 9 dragons mean you have a lot of success, but you should not be arrogant to avoid displeasing others
  • 10 dragons mean that everything that comes to you is easier to succeed
  • J Troi is a person who lives his life to the fullest, so he will soon be successful
  • Q means you have a peaceful personality so you are loved by many people.
  • You are smart, powerful and your work is always very convenient

Meaning of diamond cards

  • Ace of diamonds means you are a person with passion, enthusiasm and status in society
  • 2 diamonds means you are easily influenced by money, affecting your emotions
  • 3 of diamonds means you are a strong-willed person so difficulties will be easy to overcome
  • 4 diamonds means you have a favorable career but you should be alert to regulate everything in the best way.
  • 5 of diamonds in a card game means you have a very gentle life but are not steadfast, or listen to others so you easily fall into sin.
  • 6 diamonds means you should be satisfied with the current situation which is very stable and don’t be too ambitious and it will affect your life
  • 7 diamonds means you will receive help from noble people in difficult times
  • 8 diamonds means that luck, fortune, and joy are about to come to your life
  • 9 diamonds means you are a liberal person so your spending is always lacking and you need to regulate everything
  • 10 of diamonds means you always have positive thoughts so everything is light
  • J ro is good at making money
  • Q check means you should control your emotions and feelings
  • K check is the need to maintain one’s spirit in the face of life’s ups and downs.

Meaning of the cards of the suit

  • The Ace of Hearts means you will have a fulfilling life if you try and be diligent
  • 2 muscles bring good luck
  • The 3 muscles are to constantly explore and strive to achieve success
  • 4 muscles means you have a wide network of relationships and many opportunities, but don’t interfere too deeply in other people’s affairs.
  • 5 muscles means you are living a peaceful life so you are proactive about everything
  • 6 muscles means you are an emotional person, very caring for others
  • 7 means there are good things waiting for you
  • 8 muscles mean your work is moving in a positive direction
  • 9 muscles mean you should not trust others too much and easily be deceived
  • The 10 cards in the card game mean your life is perfect in the present, you should not let emotions dominate
  • J muscle means you are living a rosy life without any worries
  • Q co means to bring luck and help from noble people
  • K means you are smart and proactive in your life.

Notes you should know about the meaning of Western cards

As we know, each card brings us very different meanings. When the cards combine together with many suits, they give other meanings. Therefore, the meaning of the cards will change continuously, making it difficult for us to decipher in the most detailed way.

If standing alone it has a different meaning, when combined it will bring many other unexpected meanings. More specifically, when combined with other substances, the meaning you get will reveal other unknowns.

For that reason, it is important that when drawing cards, what do you want from each card and what feelings are in it.

So, the above is Meaning of 52 cards that we want to share with you. Hopefully no matter what card you pick, the most important thing is each person’s bravery when facing difficulties and challenges. Hopefully through each card you will find true comfort in life!

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