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ZTT’s OPGW Solutions: Powering Reliable Optical Fiber Communication

ZTT, a leading manufacturer and supplier, is revolutionizing the field of optical fiber communication with its comprehensive range of energy storage solutions. With diverse OPGW types, superior design, and compliance with international standards, ZTT enables reliable and efficient optical fiber communication networks. In this article, we will explore ZTT’s OPGW offerings, their innovative design and construction, and their global presence in the industry.

Diverse Range of OPGW Types

ZTT offers a wide selection of OPGW solutions to cater to various applications. From central-type stainless steel tube OPGW to stranded-type stainless steel tube OPGW and aluminum-covered stainless steel tube OPGW, ZTT provides versatile options to meet specific project requirements.

Superior Design and Construction

ZTT’s OPGW solutions are engineered with meticulous attention to detail. The central-type stainless steel tube OPGW features a hermetically sealed stainless steel tube that provides complete protection to the fibersfrom water and moisture ingress. The interstices between the stainless steel tube and the metallic wires are filled with anti-corrosive grease, ensuring protection against corrosion. The aluminum-covered stainless steel tube OPGW combines a hermetically sealed stainless steel tube with an aluminum layer, offering excellent anti-corrosion performance without the need for additional anti-corrosive grease. The aluminum tube OPGW features plastic tubes embedded in a hermetically sealed aluminum tube, providing uniform material and structure with superior resistance to corrosion.

Compliance with International Standards and Global Presence

ZTT’s OPGW solutions adhere to international standards such as IEC60794 and IEEE1138, guaranteeing their quality and performance. Moreover, ZTT offers customization options to meet specific customer requirements, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse projects. With a global distribution network and a wide application of OPGW solutions in over 120 countries, ZTT’s impact in the optical fiber communication industry is extensive.


ZTT’s OPGW solutions play a crucial role in enabling reliable and efficient optical fiber communication networks. With their diverse range of OPGW types, superior design and construction, and compliance with international standards, ZTT sets the standard for excellence in the industry. Choose ZTT’s OPGW solutions to power your optical fiber communication projects and experience the reliability and performance that ZTT is renowned for.

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