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YouTube has statistics very similar to Facebook. They have one billion active users every month, which is about one out of every two people on the internet. People search YouTube for entertainment and educational purposes. This means businesses can easily get in front of their audience with a simple YouTube channel or some videos that demonstrate how to use their products, or what their services can do for their clients.

Length of Videos

YouTube lets you record videos up to fifteen minutes by default. If you want to make a longer video, you can visit the upload page and click on the ‘increase your limit’ option. YouTube prompts you to verify your account using a cell phone. Be sure your browser’s up to date, so you’re able to upload the larger files.

A longer video isn’t necessarily better, though. If you’re focused on educational content, then it might be hard to fit it all into a few minutes; however, the most viewed videos tend to be less than five minutes. Therefore, don’t be afraid to start your experience on YouTube with some small, snappy videos instead of waiting until you have the time to make longer ones.

Video Types

When you’re making a video on YouTube, it’s imperative you focus on the content your clients, customers, and fans are looking to view. This means your videos have to be oriented toward serving their needs. When was the last time you called your friend and told them to watch the Home Shopping Network? Videos that look like an infomercial are less likely to be shared with others.

Providing information and tips people can use for their business or personal use will increase the likelihood of your video being shared. Position yourself as an expert in your niche and use YouTube as your long-term public relations strategy instead of just working on a sale

Images and Colors

In the channel settings, under the appearances tab, you can choose your background color and image. A graphic designer is a good person to hire for this to adapt your logo and other images central to your business for the background. Choose a color that matches your company’s colors. In addition to selecting the background image or colors, you should customize your layout in the featured link.

After Uploading the Video

The video title is a headline for your video, so it should be compelling and descriptive. Make sure you have keywords in the first two sentences of your description so people searching for that specific information can find it. Google and Bing will search the first few sentences of your description for relevant words. Use tags to search the first few sentences of your description for relevant words.

Use tags that describe your video’s content, both broad and specific ones. Put the most important ones first, and ask yourself what keywords your viewers might use to find your video.

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