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What You Should Know About Smart Antennas

Tongyu Communication smart antenna systems can pick up signals from a variety of frequencies, including WiFi, cellular, and GPS. In order to be able to identify the most crucial signals, this article discusses its implementation principle.

What is a smart antenna system?

Smart antenna system (SAS) is a radio frequency transmission technology that uses an antenna array to collect and process signals. The collected signals can then be processed and used to improve communications or navigation. Smart antenna systems are becoming more popular as mobile devices become more powerful and portable.

One of the benefits of a smart antenna system is that it can be used in areas where traditional antennas are difficult or impossible to use. For example, smart antenna systems can be used in mountainous or remote rural areas.

Types of smart antenna systems

We’ll outline the types of smart antenna systems so you can make an informed decision when choosing the one that suits your needs.

The first type of smart antenna system is called a phased array system. Phased arrays use a large number of small antennas to generate extremely powerful signals. Phased arrays are very effective at capturing signals from a distance and are often used in military applications. However, they are very expensive and difficult to set up.

The second type of smart antenna system is called a microstrip system. Microstrip systems use several large antennas to generate weaker signals. Microstrip systems are less expensive to set up than phased array systems, but they are less efficient at capturing signals over long distances. They are most commonly used in indoor applications where space is limited.


Tongyu Communication smart antenna is a device that can be used to improve the Wi-Fi signal in your home or office. They take the best possible signal from an existing Wi-Fi network, then boost it so that it can be picked up by devices within range. Hopefully, the information in this article will help you make an informed decision.

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