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Unleash the Power of VapoRider’s GEEK BAR PULSE 15000 Disposable Device

Dive into the world of vaping with VapoRider‘s cutting-edge GEEK BAR PULSE 15000 Disposable device, offering an exceptional 15000 puffs capacity. Designed to cater to geek bar vape enthusiasts, this device is equipped with innovative features like Battery & E-liquid Screen, a powerful 20W output, and a unique Pulse Mode for up to 7500 puffs, ensuring a customizable and satisfying vaping experience.

Enhanced Control with Battery & E-liquid Screen

Take charge of your vaping experience with the Battery & E-liquid Screen feature of the GEEK BAR PULSE 15000. This intuitive display provides real-time information on battery level and e-liquid status, allowing users to stay informed and adjust their settings accordingly for an optimized vaping session.

Powerful Performance with 20W Output

Experience impressive vapor production and consistent performance with the GEEK BAR PULSE 15000’s robust 20W output. The high wattage output ensures quick ramp-up time and delivers satisfying clouds of vapor with every puff, catering to vapers who appreciate a more potent vaping experience.

Customized Vaping Experience with Pulse Mode for 7500 Puffs

Explore the unique Pulse Mode feature of the GEEK BAR PULSE 15000, designed to optimize your vaping sessions for up to 7500 puffs. This innovative mode offers a tailored vaping experience, allowing users to adjust their puff intensity for a more personalized and enjoyable vape.


VapoRider’s GEEK BAR PULSE 15000 Disposable device is a game-changer in the geek bar vape scene, offering advanced features that elevate the vaping experience. With the convenience of the Battery & E-liquid Screen, the powerful 20W output for enhanced performance, and the customizable Pulse Mode for up to 7500 puffs, users can enjoy a premium and tailored vaping journey. Unleash the power of the GEEK BAR PULSE 15000 by VapoRider and discover a new level of satisfaction in your vaping endeavors.

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