The Best Camera Phone To Capture Your Memories: Huawei p50 Pro

Do you love photography and want to capture all the best moments of your life but you can’t afford the expensive lenses of different branded cameras? Don’t worry about that. We are going to give you all the information that is best for you.

If you want to do lots of photography use the p50 pro version of Huawei because this is the best camera phone. If you want to know more about the p50 pro version of Huawei click on the link and explore more.

In this article, we are going to give you all the important information about the camera of p50 pro. All the camera details will be discussed so don’t miss this article and explore all the information.

Leica-Powered Camera

In the P series, there is a Leica camera in the p10 smartphone but now it is also available in p50 without any difference. The black and white monochrome camera is also present in it. But in p50 pro, we also get three more cameras including:

  • A regular wide-angle camera
  • Ultra wide-angle camera
  • A two-step telephoto
  • Ultrawide angle selfie with autofocus.


Let’s talk about its zoom snapper. Its rare camera has a 64 MP zoom snapper that gives a proper Bayer filter. It has an almost 90mm f/3.5 periscope lens for 3 x5 optical zooms. It can easily take 16MP binned photos. Its zoom quality is balanced to give you a perfect far shot.

Not only this it also contain a dual-LED laser emitter and receiver. This can help for the best focus as well as give you the proper information about the temperature sensor. This temperature sensor can create.

Photo Quality

Now move towards the photo quality of p50 pro. It offers you simply outstanding and abundant  12.5 MP photos by default. Noise-free processing with different features like sharpening, balancing, and natural-looking photos.

Photo contras color sensor gives you the perfect blanched photo with the color combination. It has a dynamic range of color consumption. That’s why it gives a broad and sharp view of your shot with daylight. And for the night it had an ultra-clear night mode.

Selfie Camera

Its selfie camera gives you an interesting click with its 13MP sensor behind its 18mm lens. It had about-face detection to focus on your face. Not only this you can crop into different crop modes.

It also had a front camera zoom lens to give you an ultra-zoom capacity. It had different levels of zoom. With the help of parameters, you can adjust yourself accordingly. It has lots of adjustments and modes including:

  • White balance mode
  • Matrix, center-weighted and spot
  • Focus mode of single, continuous, and manual
  • Pro mode.

Pro Mode

In pro mode, you can adjust parameters yourself, shutter speed, exposure compensation, and white balance by choosing different modes at a time. Not only this you can use this pro mode for video making also. Pro mode all over the best mode in p50 pro for best click.


In a nutshell, the camera of the p50 pro is outstanding to give you perfect shots at any time at any this article, we just discuss the light information about the camera features of the p50 pro. There is a lot more than that.

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