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Sungrow: Powering the Future with the 30kW DC Charger

With a steadfast commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, Sungrow has emerged as a global leader in the industry. In this article, we will explore the brand Sungrow and delve into its remarkable 30kW DC charger, the IDC30E.

Sungrow: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. is a renowned name in the realm of clean energy technology. Established in 1997 by University Professor Cao Renxian, Sungrow has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. Today, it boasts an impressive portfolio of products, including photovoltaic inverters, energy storage systems, and electric vehicle chargers.

The 30kW DC Charger: Meeting Growing Demands

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular, and so is the need for efficient charging solutions. Sungrow’s 30kW DC charger, known as the IDC30E, is designed to meet these growing demands. This high-power charger is at the forefront of EV charging technology, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

Key Features of the IDC30E

High Power Output: The IDC30E offers a substantial power output of 30kW, allowing for quick and efficient charging of electric vehicles. This makes it suitable for both public charging stations and fleet management.

Reliability: Sungrow’s commitment to quality is evident in the IDC30E’s robust design and build. It is engineered to withstand various environmental conditions, ensuring reliable operation even in challenging scenarios.

User-Friendly Design: The IDC30E is designed with the end user in mind. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy for EV owners to initiate and monitor the charging process.

Sungrow’s Dedication to Sustainability

Beyond its exceptional products, Sungrow is deeply committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By providing state-of-the-art charging solutions like the IDC30E, the brand contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promotes the adoption of electric vehicles.


Sungrow’s relentless pursuit of innovation has established it as a global leader in the renewable energy and EV charging sectors. With the 30kW DC charger, IDC30E, Sungrow is not only meeting the demands of today but also paving the way for a greener and more sustainable future.

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