Spa Reception Desk Designs: The Attention-Getting Point of A Successful Spa

For the design of your reception desk to be successful, you need to strike a balance between form and function. Because customers constantly use them, reception desks might not have time to stand out in the design department. They need to catch the attention of those who frequent your spa or store. This is where designing with the principles of psychology can make a difference!


A spa reception desk is an important part of any successful spa. It should catch clients’ attention and make them feel welcome. Here are some tips for creating an attention-grabbing spa reception desk:

  1. Use vibrant colors. Red, yellow, and green are the colors that are most likely to catch someone’s eye. They are also soothing colors, making them ideal for a spa reception area.
  2. Display items that appeal to the senses. Offer scents that appeal to the nose, such as sandalwood or jasmine; sounds, such as water running or birds singing; and textures, such as soft fabrics or marble surfaces.
  3. Use interesting textures and shapes. Add quirky objects, such as plants with unusual leaves or sculptures of animals, to add interest and keep things lively.
  4. Use light fixtures and accessories to create visual interest. Lighting can be used to create a warm or inviting atmosphere, while decorative items like vases or candles can add a touch of luxury and refinement.
  5. Make use of natural materials wherever possible. Wood panels, stone floors, and textured fabrics all lend a natural look and feel

Purpose of the layout of a reception desk in a spa shop

There are a few purposes for the layout of a reception desk in a spa shop. The first purpose is to create an attention-grabbing point in the shop. This will help attract customers and keep them interested in what is available. The second purpose is to provide a place for customers to sign in and out. This helps track who has been in the shop and allows the staff to organize treatments accordingly. Finally, the layout can also be used to display relevant information about the services offered by the spa.

Different Points for Attention in the Design

To make a spa reception desk that will be noticed, it is important to have attention-grabbing features. One way to do this is by using color. For example, if your spa is themed around the ocean, using a light blue or green color on the desk can really set the mood and make it more inviting. Additionally, incorporating sea flora or shells into the design can create a sense of beachy charm.

Another way to make the reception desk stand out is by giving it purpose. If your spa offers treatments such as massages or facials, making sure the desk has space for clients to wait while their treatment begins can be beneficial. Including an area for magazines or board games can also keep guests entertained while waiting.

In addition to these general tips, consider the specific needs of your spa reception desk. For instance, if your spa offers wine and cheese hour specials, having a space for drinks near the desk may be necessary. Additionally, if your spa offers complimentary breakfast in its morning hours, include provisions for that. By taking all of these factors into account when designing the reception desk, you’ll ensure that it not only looks great but also functions.


Spa reception desk designs should be designed to catch the eye of potential customers and make them want to come closer. By incorporating color, graphics, and accessories that are visually stimulating, you can create a welcoming space that will encourage customers to stay longer and spend more money. If you are still wondering how to create the perfect spa reception desk design, you may wish to consult m2 retail, where professional designers will provide you with solutions, from novel display ideas to custom furniture supply, to meet everything you need!

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