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Hontech Wins’ Customized 2700K LED Lights for Optimizing Laying Hen Performance

Founded in 2009, Hontech Wins specializes in providing customized LED lighting solutions for various agricultural applications. With over a decade developing advanced agricultural lighting products, the company caters to the unique needs of poultry farmers, mushroom growers, pig producers and dairy operators.

Layer Lighting Solutions Using 2700K Lights

Hontech Wins’ LED lights for laying hens utilize a 2700K full-spectrum blend to promote optimal health, reproduction and egg production in layers. They utilize high-efficiency LEDs and spectra comprising red, blue and green light. Intelligent controls enable farmers to remotely program variable light intensities over production cycles.

Proven Results for Layer Applications Using 2700K Lights

Hontech Wins’ 2700K dimmable LED lights for laying hens maximize egg numbers, egg weight and uniformity. Their 2700K full-spectrum layer lights boost feed intake and BW gain in hens. The warm white light mimics natural daylight, synchronizing layers’ circadian rhythms.

Over the years, Hontech Wins’ 2700K LED lights for laying hens have helped poultry farmers see:

  1. Improved feed conversion ratios, higher egg mass and reduced stress in hens.
  2. Higher fertility rates and chick quality from parent stocks raised under Hontech Wins’ 2700K lights.
  3. Maximized productivity in broiler breeders from Hontech Wins’ customized 2700K broiler breeder lights.


In a word, Hontech Wins has rendered it attainable for poultry enterprises to improve outcomes through specialized 2700K poultry lighting suited to each layer application’s requirements. These adaptable and high-performance Hontech 2700K LED lights for laying hens are designed to maximize important KPIs.

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