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Enhance Your Workout with Fitcare’s HW807 Armband Heart Rate Monitor

Fitcare‘s HW807 Armband Heart Rate Monitor is a sought-after fitness companion that offers precise heart rate measurements from either people’s arm or temple. Equipped with PPG photoelectric heart rate detection technology and advanced algorithms, this versatile monitor guarantees accurate training data to optimize customer’s workout experience. The multi-color LED display provides real-time heart rate zone indications, making it convenient and easy to monitor  heart rate during various activities.

Seamless Integration and Vibrant Heart Rate Zones

The HW807 Armband Heart Rate Monitor for Zwift features a multi-color LED with five vibrant colors that visually represent heart rate zones. Users can track changes in their heart rate by observing the LED light color in real time. Additionally, the monitor includes a safety feature that triggers a vibration alert of three vibrations when the heart rate exceeds the maximum threshold (MHR). This immediate notification ensures that users are aware of any significant changes in their heart rate, enhancing safety and awareness during workouts.

Intelligent Health Monitoring

Fitcare’s HW807 Armband Heart Rate Monitor for Zwift goes beyond basic heart rate tracking by offering heart rate variability (HRV) data acquisition capabilities. By detecting the interval of the R-R wave of the heart rate parameter, this monitor provides valuable insights into overall health and fitness levels, empowering users to make informed decisions about their training and recovery strategies. The vibration reminder feature allows users to adjust their heart rate zones by setting the sensor’s maximum heart rate, ensuring that they maintain a safe and effective exercise intensity level.

Customizable Design and Compatibility

Fitcare’s HW807 Armband Heart Rate Monitor is Bluetooth 5.0 and ANT+ compatible, allowing seamless integration with a variety of third-party mainstream fitness apps. With optional strap colors and designs, users can personalize their monitoring experience to suit their style and preferences. The monitor’s robust storage chip enables built-in data storage, eliminating the need for constant connectivity with smartphones or other devices during workouts. Fitcare’s commitment to customization and versatility ensures that users can tailor their fitness tracking experience to meet their individual training needs.


In conclusion, Fitcare’s HW807 Armband Heart Rate Monitor exemplifies the brand’s dedication to innovation, accuracy, and user convenience in the realm of fitness tracking devices. With advanced features, vibrant heart rate zone indications, intelligent health monitoring capabilities, and customizable design options, the HW807 is a reliable and efficient fitness tool for individuals looking to optimize their workout routines.

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