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Elevate Your Salon Experience with Panda Plus: The Ultimate Sound System

Enhance the ambiance of your salon with Panda Plus from ESD Acoustic, the ultimate sound system for salon is designed to create a soothing and immersive environment for your clients. Whether you’re playing calming background music or energizing playlists, Panda Plus delivers rich and dynamic sound quality that resonates throughout your salon, enhancing the overall experience for your clients.

Cutting-Edge Diaphragm Innovation
Truextent’s cutting-edge foiled beryllium diaphragms, used in Panda Plus, provide unmatched resolution and low distortion. This sound system’s lightweight, sturdy design and innovative titanium sandwich diaphragms allow for perfect sound reproduction, transforming your salon into a calming, immersive space.

Enhance Ambiance with Pristine Sound

Introduce Panda Plus by ESD Acoustic to your salon and experience the transformative power of its premium sound quality. With its advanced technology and superior audio performance, Panda Plus creates an immersive environment that elevates the ambiance of your salon to new heights. Whether you’re hosting a calm and relaxing spa day or a lively and energetic styling session, Panda Plus delivers crystal-clear sound that enhances every moment.

Versatile Soundscapes for Every Occasion

With Panda Plus, you have the flexibility to tailor the sound experience to suit any occasion. Create a tranquil atmosphere during facials and massages with soothing melodies, or energize the space during busy styling sessions with upbeat tunes. The versatility of Panda Plus allows you to curate the perfect soundtrack for every service, ensuring that your clients feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and immersed in the moment.


With Panda Plus by ESD Acoustic, the best sound system for salon┬áproducing a calming and engrossing atmosphere, you may enhance the experience at your pleasure. Impress your clients with superb sound quality to make their visit to the salon one they won’t soon forget. Discover the difference with Panda Plus and elevate the level of luxury and comfort in your salon.

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