Discharge bullets and immediately receive the desired reward with Arowana Fish Shooting

Arowana shooting is a form of entertainment chosen by many people with the desire to shoot bullets and reach peak prize money. However, first read information about the game to know how to play effectively on a reputable platform Trang chủ New88.

What game is Dragon Fish Shooting?

If you want to shoot bullets, destroy moving targets on the screen and receive instant rewards, Dragon Fish Shooting or Dragon Fishing is the right choice. This is a game that uses a gameplay similar to traditional Fish Shooting, which has long been a spiritual dish for many Vietnamese people.

You will easily relieve stress just by choosing the right target and using weapons properly. Not only does it help make your entertainment experience more complete, but you will certainly be surprised by the large account you achieve.

On the reputable bookmaker platform, you can easily fully explore the game and win the rewards you want. Choose any smart device and you will have wonderful moments playing the Dragon Fish Shooting game.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing Dragon Fish Shooting

Just visit a reputable betting platform and you can easily have great experiences. However, before starting to play, find out immediately the strengths and weaknesses of the product:


Dragon Fishing  New88 fish shooting Converging many advantages, it has such a special attraction:

  • As introduced above, this online Fish Shooting game has the same rules as the traditional game that many people love.
  • Many diverse goals from easy to difficult are also the points that stimulate bettors to participate in playing.
  • You can choose small fish with a bonus of only 2X, but if you want to get a large account, there are still Golden Dragon, Mermaid or Jade Dragon to conquer.
  • Entering the Shooting Betting game, players will choose a room to choose a weapon that suits their economic conditions.
  • Conquering the game’s goals also becomes easy with many features such as Frost Cannon, Super Speed ​​Frost Cannon…
  • Even if you are confused the first time you play Dragon Fish Shooting game, the detailed reward table, weapon features or on-screen operations will all be available in the Settings button.
  • If you are not ready to spend money to play the game, the “Try Play” mode is also a great option offered by the provider.
  • The game has well-invested graphics and sound that stimulates players.


Trial mode is being supported so gamers can explore Arowana Shooting, however this mode does not limit bullets much. Therefore, choose to try playing with the goal of discovering initial information.

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How to play Arowana Shooting in detail

After learning all the features of the Dragon Fish Shooting game, take the time to learn the detailed gameplay and start experiencing it right away:

Rules of the game in Dragon Fishing

The rules of the game are not too difficult, you will be able to grasp them easily in the following information:

  • Choose a room that suits your finances. The amount of money for weapons used in the game room will be clearly displayed on the screen.
  • Entering the game, you will be able to use guns or all the features on the screen to shoot targets of fish, Dragons, Mermaids, and Dragon Balls on the screen.
  • Each bullet fired will travel in the direction of the gun and take out any newly identified bonus targets.
  • Each gun will have 10 bullet levels and you will change by pressing the + or – buttons on both sides.
  • Each goal on the screen will have a specified reward level that players need to learn to be able to increase their account as desired.
  • Bonus coins will be updated to your account and easily seen on the screen.

Icons in Dragon Fish Shooting

To be able to easily access and discover all that is great in the Fish Shooting game, it is also important to understand the meaning of the symbols:

Icons on the playing screen

First, look around the screen and familiarize yourself with the icons to make playing easier:

  • Sawtooth button: Settings of the Dragon Fish Shooting game.
  • Speaker: Turn game sound off or on.
  • House: Quickly exit the game.
  • + and – signs on both sides of the gun: Increase/decrease bullet level.
  • Automatic: Shoot and take down targets in a certain direction without clicking the mouse.
  • Lock: Lock the target to conquer more easily.
  • Frost Cannon: Slow down large targets over 6X to shoot down for a x3 reward.
  • Super Frost Cannon: Freeze large fish over 10X to receive a maximum reward of 10 times.

The icons move on the screen

On the screen are many moving targets and you need to understand the meaning of each type to take the initiative when playing:

  • Small fish have rewards ranging from 2X to 10X.
  • Golden Shark: Target with 30X bonus.
  • Pincer fish: Defeat to get 40X reward.
  • Stingray: Hit the target and receive a 50X reward.
  • Hammerhead shark: Hit the target and get 60 times more money.
  • Golden Dragon: Shoot down and get 100X bonus points.
  • Mermaid: Defeat the target to receive a reward of 150X.
  • Jade Dragon: Achieve the target to receive random rewards from 100 – 300X.
  • Golden Chest: Hunt targets to receive rewards from 100 – 500X.
  • Dragon King Cannon: Using a regular gun to hunt this target, the player will receive 10 times the reward and 30 more free bullets. Using Frost Cannon and Super Frost Cannon gives the target a reward of 40 and 60 free bullets respectively.
  • Dragon Money: Hunt attractive rewards with levels ranging from 100 – 500X bet points.
  • Phu Quy Crab: If you shoot this target, the lucky spin will appear and you will have a chance to receive a reward from 20 – 4500X.

Playrooms in Dragon Fishing

Dragon Fishing is currently attracting many types of bettors to participate because anyone can play with one of 3 rooms:

  • New players: New players immediately come to the room to use weapons with ammo levels from 0.1 – 10.
  • Expert: If you have abundant capital, you can try playing in this room. Here your weapon will have ammo levels from 1 – 100.
  • Dragon King Area: If you have truly become a master with many playing strategies, you should come to the big lobby. With a weapon level of 10 – 100, you will easily conquer many big goals.

Steps to play Dragon Fish Shooting game at  New88

All the Dragon Fishing details provided above have helped you clearly understand the game. Now learn the steps to conquer the ocean with this great Fish Shooting game:

  • Step 1: Go to  New88 => fill in the information in the Join now section to create an account.
  • Step 2: On the home page, select Deposit to access one of the banking methods, scratch cards, cryptocurrency, QR codes, e-wallets and increase money in your account.
  • Step 3: Immediately select the Fish Shooting category on the screen to select the hall and go to Dragon Fishing. Choose a reasonable game room => Learn many features of the game and use guns to earn rewards.

Now do you understand why Arowana Shooting makes so many bettors so fascinated?Login New88 Come and have great experiences at this quality entertainment product right away to relieve stress easily and receive rewards quickly.

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