Best fences for children: how to recognize them, most important features, and bestseller ranking. The fences for children, also called playpens, cause different opinions from parents as surely the word “fence” does not help to give the product a positive thought, in reality, however, everything depends on the use to be made of it. 

The best baby fence could prove to be very useful in the family and for good education of the little one, as well as for the management of the spaces of the house safety. Let’s remember that a child brings a lot of joy into the house, but it also brings a lot of work for the adults who live under that same roof as they have to be constantly behind them. Parents who need some time to clean the house, make a phone call or just sit for a minute need a safe place where the child can be put to rest or play, and for many a toddler fence is the place to be. best solution. If you still don’t know where to start when looking for a new playpen, you’ve come to the right place. We are in fact here to help you and in this shopping guide you will find lots of useful information, advice, and the most important characteristics to consider in order to be able to choose the best children’s enclosures.

Let’s start this guide on how to choose the best children’s enclosures  with a list of the various types of playpens available on the market:

Classic Baby Playpen: 

A classic baby playpen comes with plastic or wood panels that can be removed, added, or arranged in various shapes and sizes. An indoor playpen does not usually have a floor for the child to walk and play on, but it can be paired with a comfortable and safe play mat. Also, take into account that the box has the following characteristics:

  • The number of panels is between 4 and 14
  • Access eraser
  • Presence of feet or suction cups to increase the stability of the box
  • Slats that are arranged no more than 7 centimeters apart


Portable playpens are highly appreciated if you need a fence to use outside the house, such as in a courtyard, but also at the beach or in a park as the floor it comes with offers good protection for the child and his toys. If you want a portable type playpen, make sure it has these features:

The floor on which the child can move

The panels must remain securely connected to each other

It must be easily foldable for easy transport

It should be equipped with a carrying case where you can store the box

An automatic locking system is useful for keeping the sides firmly in position

The fences for younger children are modular structures that therefore allow them to adapt to the surrounding space and not have a rigid structure that can give the impression of looking like a large cage. The child, inside the enclosures, assumes the ability to understand what his space can be, a private space in which to manage his time and the objects around him, and also learns how to manage his own freedom and to be alone with himself. itself, although of course, it will always be under the watchful eye of an adult.

To choose the best children’s fences you will also need to take into account the materials they are built with. Is it better to opt for a box made with plastic or wooden panels? Below you will find what are the pros and cons of each of these materials:

Wooden boxes: 

The wooden boxes may or may not have feet on the base of the panels to help them achieve greater stability and to prevent the floors from being damaged, especially those made of wood. Wooden boxes can have the following advantages and disadvantages:


While comparable in price to those made from plastic, wood panels have a more formal look that some people like the most


Wood doesn’t hold as well as plastic when exposed to moisture or if bitten

Plastic boxes: 

The panels used by plastic boxes are generally thicker than wooden ones, but they are also lighter. The panels can be equipped with slats or a grid. Here are their pros and cons:


Plastic is durable and easy to clean, and it is less likely to scratch delicate floors, such as those made of wood. You can find plastic boxes with the funniest colors, also some of them can be equipped with panels to play that can integrate dials, fantasy images and various types of games with which the child can have fun.


If you plan to use the playpen outdoors, the plastic may fade and weaken over time from exposure to the sun.

To choose the best children’s enclosures, it is also important to take into account the following characteristics:


Children’s fences must be built in compliance with all safety measures and certificates. Regardless of whether the material used may be wood or plastic, they must always be colored with non-toxic paints. It is also of fundamental importance that the fences do not have sharp corners or edges and that in any case they are not equipped with elements that could in any way be dangerous and could injure the child.If you have a box with a mesh fitting, please note that the holes in the fitting should not be larger than 6mm. Check regularly for holes or lacerations that could lead to a risk of strangulation of the little one if they are too large. Also check all hinges and locks to avoid potential pinching or cutting hazards


To choose the best children’s enclosures , its stability is also of great importance. You will definitely want a playpen that is stable enough to withstand being pushed and that keeps your baby safe while he is playing in or around it. For added stability, locking mechanisms and feet (with or without suction cups) on the bottom of the panels can provide a more stable structure. Some children’s enclosures are more stable with a particular shape such as a square or rectangle. Others, on the other hand, are more flexible and allow you to form a hexagonal, octagonal, rectangular or square playing area, all with equal stability.


The panels of the playpen should be at least 50 centimeters high so that the child cannot climb and possibly climb over them. However, many models are much taller than the minimum size indicated. The higher the panels are, the longer the child will be able to use the playpen without escaping as he grows


The hinges of the box should have a locking mechanism to improve stability. Some boxes are equipped with a self-locking mechanism that only works in certain configurations. Then there are the manual locking hinges that offer a little more versatility as regards the shape of the box. However, keep in mind that some mechanisms will prevent you from being able to connect too many panels together

Number of panels: 

The play boxes have a minimum of four panels and generally reach a maximum of 14. Depending on the frequency with which the box will be used and where it is planned to mount it, it will be necessary to decide the number of panels to be used. suit your needs better. For example, if you have a large house or want to use the box outdoors, the more panels the box is likely to be the better. Also make sure you have enough space to store the box when not in use

Gate opening system: another fundamental aspect, in order to choose the best children’s fences , is that they are equipped with an opening and closing of the entrance / exit gate that is very easy to use by the adult, preferably with one hand, so that the child is in a safe situation but at the same time does not get “stuck” inside the fence itself. Some manufacturers also sell additional panels that can be purchased separately, which are useful for extending the enclosure to the desired size or shape. Some panels are equipped to be connected to another set. If you choose a playpen without a gate, you will need to lift the baby to put him in or out of it

Extra use of panels: 

The best playpens for children are also those whose components, generally parts of the grill, can also be used for other purposes, for example to protect the fireplace area or to close the stairs and prevent the little approach or to limit other parts of the house that the child should not access, functioning just like a  classic gate

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