Straps Of Huawei Band6 And Its Adjustments.

Do you want high-quality branded straps for Huawei Band 6? Do you want to know about all the functions of these adjustable straps of Huawei Band 6? We are going to provide you with all the specifications and methods for the adjustments of these straps.

These are the high-quality band strap to give you the perfect professional look. If you want to search more about the Huawei Band6 and its straps related information click on the link and you will find all the desired able information.

In this article, we are going to give you all the details of the straps of Huawei Band 6 including their quality and functionality. You will also know how you can adjust these straps according to your wrist.

Types Of Straps Available For Huawei  Band6

Following are the types of straps available for the Huawei band 6. You can adjust all of these according to your desire. They are available in different colors and materials.

  • Silicon black graphite strap
  • Silicone strap sakura pink
  • Silicon strap umber sunrise,
  • Fresh forest green

Features Of Silicone Straps

Let’s check out all the important details related to these adjustable straps.

  • They are made up of high-quality, healthy, and environmentally friendly material scallion.
  • They are so soft and easy to wear to give you a proper comfortable look
  • Ther are the best replacement for your colored bracelets due to their unique and attractive colors
  • They are adjustable and very easy to remove and install again

Specifications Of Straps Of Huawei Band6

  • Their material is high-quality silicone and stainless steel.
  • The overall width of the strap is almost 20.6mm
  • The short strap length is almost 78mm
  • They ate compatible with Huawei honor band 6

Adjustment and Replacement Of Straps Of Huawei Band 6

These adjustable straps are u-shaped buckles for easy adjustments according to the size of your wrist. You can adjust it by just pulling the lower strap forward to fix it properly. Replace method of straps of band 6 is given below.

How to Add a Strap To The Device

  • First, remove the fastener that is placed back of the strap.
  • Reverse in the strap to the attachment point.
  • Hold the device and attach the strap/
  • Make sure that your strip fits properly to the device.

How to Remove a Strap From The Device

  • Remove the fastener from the edge of the strap for the purpose of replacement.
  • Pull down the strap for easy removal.
  • Apply this to the other side of the strap also

Instruction To Follow

Follow all the instructions for the easy installment and removal of straps but there is some caution to follow. The size of the fastener of the device is very small so remove it carefully otherwise you may lose it. Try not to hold the device too tightly for any further destruction.


In this article, we discuss all the important information about the silicon strap of the Huawei band 6. Now you can easily adjust and change the straps by yourself without any hesitation hope this article was helpful to entertain you with information.

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