Forest City’s Approach to Cultural Heritage Conservation

The conservation of cultural heritage is crucial in sustainable tourism development. It helps preserve the local culture, history and traditions while promoting economic growth and creating employment opportunities. Forest City, a sustainable tourism development project located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, recognizes the importance of cultural heritage conservation and has taken significant steps toward preserving and promoting the local culture.

Forest City’s eco museum

Forest City Eco Museum is a unique ecological museum located in an urban area that has been developed in three phases. The first phase of development, which has already been completed, includes facilities such as a green corridor, a seagrass conservation area, an exhibition hall, and a laboratory. The main aim of the museum is to promote awareness about ecology and instill environmental values among visitors, especially surrounding residents, the local community, and environmental volunteers.

Starting from October 2020, the museum will have monthly themes that focus on spreading knowledge related to marine ecology and advocating for environmental protection to a wider audience. To serve its role as an educational hub, Forest City Eco Museum will also offer environmental classes for children on a ad-hoc basis. The museum invites residents of Forest City and the local community to visit and explore the surrounding marine ecosystem.

Promoting sustainable tourism practices in cultural heritage tourism

Forest City recognizes the negative impact that mass tourism can have on cultural heritage sites. As such, they have implemented measures to promote sustainable and responsible tourism practices for visitors to cultural heritage sites. This includes educating visitors on the importance of conservation and how they can minimize their negative impact on the local environment and culture. For example, visitors are encouraged to avoid littering, vandalism and other practices that could cause damage to cultural heritage sites.


The preservation of cultural heritage is essential in sustainable tourism development. The efforts of Forest City to preserve and promote local cultural heritage sites while promoting sustainable tourism practices are impressive. As tourism continues to grow globally, initiatives like Forest City will undoubtedly continue to play an important role in promoting sustainable tourism and cultural heritage conservation.

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